Upper Midwest CRAFT Farmer Training

Upper Midwest CRAFT Farmer Training

Upper Midwest CRAFT Farmer Training Membership 2022

Upper Midwest CRAFT (Collaborative Regional Alliance for Farmer Training) is a farmer-led training alliance organized by alternative agriculture farmers in the Stateline region: northern Illinois, southern Wisconsin, and Chicagoland. 

​We welcome all levels of experience, whether you’ve never farmed before, you seek advanced training, or you’re transitioning to sustainable agriculture. Upper Midwest CRAFT Farmer Training is built upon the practice of farmer-to-farmer training, where shared farmer experiences, wisdom, methodology, discussion, and place-based knowledge strengthen the community of regional growers at any and all levels of skill and experience. 

What are the Upper Midwest CRAFT Farmer Training Member Benefits?

Farm Directory

All CRAFT Farm members have the ability to create a farm profile.
Those who fill out their member profile will be included in the UM CRAFT Farm Directory.
This is a space to learn more about the Stateline farming community as well as connect and collaborate around specific interests through the UM CRAFT Google Group.
The UM CRAFT Google Group
Use this platform to contact all or specific UM CRAFT community members with queries, proposed collaborative projects, shared resources and experiences, offered advice, or scheduled cooperative work days.
Weekly eNewsletter
Our newsletter is delivered to your inbox every week, bringing you events spanning the region and globe, practical resources, news, and expansive reading material, plus job, land, and equipment purchasing opportunities. This includes access to the Newsletter Archive web page.
FREE Field Days
UM CRAFT field days are opportunities to connect with
and learn from your regional community of farming peers.
We want your  on topics, especially from those who have the desire to share their experiences and wisdom!
Partner Program Discounts
  • Priority registration and discounts on fee-based UM CRAFT workshops
  • 10% discount on select AOLC On-Farm workshops
  • 10% discount on  workshops
Have Employees, Interns, and/or Apprentices?
Add them to your Farm membership for only $10 per person. Each will receive the same benefits as you!
Not Farming?
Our Friends membership is an excellent entry-point to experiencing the breadth of agricultural practices, understanding place-based farmer experiences, as well as learning about and connecting with the Stateline farming community. Friends receive all the same perks as a farm member (with the exception of inclusion in the UM CRAFT farm directory).

To read more about Upper Midwest CRAFT, 
If you are a veteran
and are interested in signing up for
Upper Midwest CRAFT for FREE, please contact us directly at 速蛙云流量怎么用:craft@learngrowconnect.org.

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