Produce Farm Manager Apprenticeship in Ohio

farm manager apprenticeship

Produce Farm Manager Apprenticeship 2022 – The Ohio Ecological Food and Farming Association

The Ohio Ecological Food and Farming Association (OEFFA)’s Produce Farm Manager Apprenticeship is a professional, hands-on training program that provides a thorough, well-rounded education resulting in mastery of organic produce farm management skills. Apprenticeship graduates will be fully prepared for employment as a farm manager or begin their own produce farm. 

The training approach includes 2500 on-the-job paid training hours working closely with a host farmer, combined with 144 hours of related instruction and 20 hours of group education. The PFM Apprenticeship requires a minimum 16 month commitment, inclusive of an initial 2 month probationary period. The PFM Apprenticeship aligns with federal apprenticeship standards.  

1. Candidates  on a rolling basis

  • Confirm qualifications
  • Describe experience and goals
  • Receive confirmation of application from OEFFA

2. Host farmers search and hire apprentices

  • Registered host farmers will contact apprentice applicants who might be a good fit
  • Host farmers will interview candidates and communicate with OEFFA when a selection is made

3. Apprenticeship begins

  • The apprentice, host farm, and OEFFA staff will sign the PFM agreement to formalize the process
  • OEFFA staff will conduct monthly check ins with the apprentice and host farm for the first six months, then every other month after that to help solve challenges and coordinate related and group instruction

4. Related instruction and documentation

  • Apprentices will enroll in either Hocking College or Wisconsin Technical College System courses and attend group education. The required courses offered by Hocking College cost an estimated amount of $3,250, while the estimated cost for courses offered by WTCS is $750   
  • Apprentices are eligible to receive up to $750 in tuition assistance after completing ½ of their on-farm training 
  • Apprentices and host farmers will review and fill out training guidelines regularly
  • Host farmers will register apprentice hours monthly
  • Upon completion of the 2,500 on-the-job hours, 144 hours of related instruction, and 20 hours of group education, apprentices will graduate from the program

Apprentices can complete their related instruction requirements by taking in-person courses through the Hocking College Agroecology program in Nelsonville, OH, or by enrolling in remote classes offered by the Wisconsin Technical College System (WTCS).  The OEFFA Begin Farming Program will facilitate group experiences including farm tours, networking opportunities and farmer-to-farmer education at no cost to the apprentice. Questions? Contact Robin Hackett, Begin Farming Program Coordinator, at (614) 947-1633 or 速蛙云流量怎么用 


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