Future Harvest Chesapeake Bay Agriculture Conference

Chesapeake Bay Agriculture Conference

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, Louisa County, VA

What are the fundamentals of agrarianism and why should we embrace them? And why do we need more regenerative, sustainable farms and regional food systems? Join Renard Turner and be inspired to believe in your own power as incubators of systemic change! Hear the history of land ownership in America and just how political food really is. It’s time for all of us to put Earth first, and for the courageous to choose agrarianism as a lifestyle despite its challenges.


Network, swap-stories, and get to know other farmers during our Thursday afternoon breakout sessions

FARMER-TO-FARMER: Thursday, 1/13 2:30 – 3:45 Meet-up with your peers for in-depth and collaborative discussions about last season, the season to come, perennial challenges, and emerging solutions. Four rooms to choose from by topic area: CSA, Vegetable Production, Animal Production, and Beginning Farmers. 

CAUCUSES: Thursday, 1/13 4:00 – 5:00 pm Discuss challenge in this changing climate – environmentally, socially, economically, politically, and personally – in a safe space with allies. Private zoom rooms will be made available for each of the following groups: BIPOC, Veterans, LGBTQQ2S+, and White Allies.

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First 50 conference registrants have a chance to win one of three  (valued at $75/each) with Scott Mann, host of . Scott, who has created a top 1% podcast, offers permaculture consulting for residential, commercial and farm projects. This one-hour, one-on-one Meandering Session is a first step towards understanding your strengths and aligning your goals.You’ll receive a list of people, books, or other resources that can help you determine the next steps of starting or refining your project or business and creating a life that feeds your body and soul.

Sneak Peak at Chesapeake Bay Agriculture Conference Sessions

We’re thrilled to have planning underway for more than 20 incredible sessions and workshops. Here’s a sampling of what’s on the agenda.

Leasing and Buying Land: How to Successfully Leverage Leased Land to Build Your Farm Business (Emma Jagoz, ) First generation farmer Emma Jagoz spent eight years bartering for the use of land in the suburbs of Baltimore County, MD. What started as a half acre operation steadily grew into 15 acres of certified organic land across six different properties. In late 2019, Jagoz purchased 25 acres of her own. In this session, Emma will discuss the pros and cons of leasing land, weigh the risks and benefits of purchasing land, and share how she built her vegetable operation without experience or a big savings account – while balancing motherhood. This presentation will include advice for successfully leasing land, how to prioritize when on a small budget, and lessons learned when purchasing land.

Season Extension and Succession Planting: Use Every Opportunity! (Pam Dawling of ) Learn how to lengthen the growing seasons for your most valuable crops with strategies for hot and cold weather, winter hoop house crops, and outdoor crops. Properly planned planting dates can provide a continuous and steady supply of short-lived warm-weather crops, winter greens, and you can have lettuce year-round! This session will also cover how to store crops in order to provide food and income for less-productive times of year.

Labels That Generate Sales: Certifications That Count (Jacob Gilley, ) Navigating the ins and outs of producer and product certifications can be tricky. Which labels matter most to consumers today? Through this engaging workshop, we will dive into several of the certifications currently available for livestock producers, their operations, and the meat they produce. Being certified is one thing, but having the certification mean something to consumers and providing a return on investment is another! 

On the Block: Creative Harvesting Options for Commercial Use The Honest Carnivore: A West Virginia Meat Collective (Elizabeth Riffle, ; , A West Virginia Meat Collective) Looking for a better slaughter option?  Elizabeth Riffle will share some creative solutions that can be used to get your animals humanely harvested, on your time frame, and at the price YOU want! There are options for the small farmer who wants to get a bit creative with their marketing and methods. These methods also give you more transparency for your customers, and will highlight your wholistic practices.


We are excited to offer scholarships to the 2022 Future Harvest “Together, We Can” conference. Each scholarship recipient will receive free admission to the two-day virtual event January 13-14, 2022. Applications are due by December 10, 2021. 


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