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farmer study circles


 are intimate gatherings of 5-10 farmers, in-person and/or online, where like-minded and like-scaled farmers share experiences and challenges and engage in group oriented problem-solving. These farmer study circles are supported by a skilled farmer facilitator. Deadline for sign-ups is Friday, January 7th, 2021 at 5pmIn 2022 we are offering the following three new study circles for farmers in our network: 

1. Urban Farmers in DC & PG County. This group will be facilitated by , Farm Production Manager at Black Yield Institute.
2. Employee Management. This group will be facilitated by , Farm Consultant at Plant to Profit.
3. Improving Pest Management in Times of Climate Change. This group will be facilitated by .

 for more information including how to sign-up. Space is limited to keep the groups small.

Benefits of the Farmer Study Circles for participating farmers:

  • Build a close community of farm peers.
  • Create a safe space to troubleshoot, problem solve, and celebrate.
  • Have reliable contact with an experienced farmer consultant who will share hard-earned insights and offer strategic guidance as you make big decisions for your farm.
  • Tap into the greater Future Harvest community for resources, contacts, and assistance.
  • Get support for your farm beyond the start-up years.

“We have participated in a study circle for two years now and it has been invaluable!  We look forward to this monthly hour: some months it is filled with mentorship, problem-solving or education and other months it is filled with support, empathy and words of encouragement.  Farmers live a very unique lifestyle that others simply cannot relate to. Having a small cohort of other farmers that we check in with regularly as a sounding board, source of inspiration and pool of knowledge has made a huge difference for us personally as well as for our business.”

– Brian Knox and Jennifer Vaccaro, 



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