Crop Insurance Rules Challenge Organic and More

crop insurance challenges organic farming

Crop Insurance Rules Challenge Organic and Sustainable Farming Practices, Farmers Need Our Help in Tackling Climate Change, and More in This Week’s News from the National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition (NSAC)

Crop Insurance Rules Challenge Organic and Sustainable Farming Practices

This is a guest post that originally appeared on Midwest Organic & Sustainable Education Service’s blog, Organic Broadcaster. MOSES is an NSAC member based in Spring Valley, WI, and promotes organic and sustainable agriculture by providing the education, resource and expertise farmers need to succeed in the region. Written by Jeff Schahczenski, Agriculture and Natural Resource Economist from the National Center of Appropriate Technology (NCAT), another NSAC member.

Farmers Need Our Help Tackling Climate Change

On-farm conservation is a vital part of ensuring a thriving rural landscape. As a nation, we have historically invested in dozens of tools to help conservation-minded farmers do the good work of protecting our valuable natural resources and producing benefits that reach well beyond the farm gate. How farmers steward the land impacts their own operations, local and international water quality, pollinator and wildlife communities, and our national response to climate change.

What We’re Reading

In this space we share suggested readings that NSAC staff find relevant to the Coalition’s mission and work. The opinions expressed in these readings are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect an official NSAC policy or position. 

This week we bring you a video from Vox. This video does a great job of explaining the complex issue of competition, or lack thereof, in the beef industry in 14 minutes.

Three-quarters of rural Americans are white, a larger proportion than the roughly six in 10 for the nation overall, but the rural population is becoming more diverse, said a pair of analyses of Census data.


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