Cover Crops Virtual Field Day from MSU

cover crops

Michigan State University  and MSU  will host a  Wednesday, Sept. 2 at 9 am. 

“From realizing the benefits to meeting the challenges growers may face,” said , an MSU Extension sustainable agriculture educator. “Producers, agribusiness professionals, government agency personnel and others interested in field crops production and management are encouraged to join us to grow their knowledge on this topic and interact with our experts.”

The virtual field day will begin with short introductions followed by presentations for roughly one hour. After a short break, participants will have the opportunity to participate in roundtable discussions and ask questions.

Virtual Field Day Roundtable Topics:

  • Soil Health: , professor of soils and cropping systems ecology and associate director of the Center for Global Change and Earth Observations, will lead a discussion on how a cover crop can enhance soil health. Hosted by MSU Extension educator .
  • Nutrient Management: MSU Extension specialist  will discuss cover crops as a part of an overall nutrient management system.
  • Erosion Management: MSU Extension specialist  will answer questions about using cover crops to manage different erosion types, from sheet to rill to wind. Hosted by MSU Extension educator .
  • Timing: , a professor in the MSU Department of Plant, Soil and Microbial Sciences, will discuss innovative ways to fit cover crops into crop rotation. Hosted by MSU Extension educator .
  • Weed management: , MSU Extension weed specialist, will discuss the latest research and recommendations to assist in controlling weeds by integrating cover crops into crop rotations. Specific topics will include why species matter, considering when to plant and what factors can affect cover crop establishment, and termination of cover crops with weed management in mind. Hosted by MSU Extension educator .
  • Organic Systems: Growers are invited to share experiences in a transition or organic system to manage soils and use of various soil health amendments, including cover crops. MSU Extension specialists  and  will be available to discuss and share experiences and knowledge. 
  • Forage and Grazing: This roundtable with , forage and cover crop specialist, will answer questions about ways to add value to cover crops by harvesting or grazing forage. Hosted by Forage educator .

Participants must , and a Zoom link will then be sent. Any registration questions can be directed to Renae Latoski at 速蛙云流量怎么用

Visit the  to learn more about MSU’s other virtual field day events.

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