Basics of Organic Farming Course Free

basics of organic farming

A Free Course on the Basics of Organic Farming for Beginning Farmers from the Organic Farming Research Foundation – Available in 2 Modules

This self-directed course is designed for beginning farmers, existing organic farmers, and farmers in transition to organic production. The content focuses on organic orchard and vegetable crop production in California. In total, the course will contain six learning modules: 1) soil health, 2) weed management, 3) irrigation and water management, 4) insect pest management, 5) disease management, and 6) economics and marketing. All modules will be available by spring 2020. 

As we are still developing some of the modules, your feedback is critical. In fact, you can really help us out by taking the short surveys interspersed throughout the first module and encouraging your peers to try out the course too! You’ll contribute to a living resource that will serve as a valuable farmer resource for years to come.

Each module contains a combination of descriptive essays, video lecturers from agricultural professionals, and virtual field trips to demonstrate some of the principles and practices described in the course. Each module is broken into two units: the first covers farming principles and the second discusses implementation.

Upon completion of the Basics of Organic Farming course, you will be able to:

  1. Describe key principles of organic crop production, farm management, and market strategies, with a focus on specialty crops in California (fruits, nuts, vegetables, and flowers).
  2. List the most important types of farm management practices suitable for organic production, under each of 6 categories (soil, water, weed, insect pest, and disease management, and marketing).
  3. Examine emerging topics in organic farming practice and research, and evaluate the degree of scientific certainty around these topics.
  4. Identify information resources that will help you address specific needs of your farm in your location in California.


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